Lets Talk! Is Love a feeling or Choice?

Lets Talk! Is Love a feeling or Choice?
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Lets Talk! Is Love a feeling or Choice?

When you hear the word love, what comes in your mind? How do you perceive your self when someone says to you “I love you”?

How do you love someone, how can I know that she or he truly loves me? There are many questions and gaps concerning the word “Love”, which carry so much weight and significance in this very life!

Everyone has got his or her own definition of love, all these different definitions come from different experiences and environments we were drawn in, whereby there is so much happiness, kindness, forgiving, giving in love but also pain, hatred, tears in people who have experienced once falling in love.

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Everyone has got his or her own story, experience, circumference concerning love, leaving us with dozens of questions about what’s true love?

Can love change, can it end? So many questions that need to be answered from a broad perspective to save our communities from the consequences of misconceptions and mistakes brought by the lack of understanding.

Firstly we ought to understand that love is never a feeling but it encompasses with it and embodied with compassion, however, love itself is choice!

When we say love is feeling we mean that anytime it can change, it can hurt, it holds grudges against, it judges and so many Staff which it can articulate at any moment regardless of who you’re and in what situation you’re in!

Love is choice, when I say I love someone for instance “Grace” it basically means I have decided “Choose” to love “Grace”, regardless of any inconvenience, mistakes, errors, or shortcomings from her I chose to take her unconditional.

So true love is built upon the choice we (meaning I & Grace :)) make, and the way we make that choice matters a lot.

When we engage in a relationship with a mindset and understanding of what true love is and the responsibilities behind it, we will always enjoy despite all the ups and downs we might face in our relationships.

Let me make it clear, This kind of love can be defined us unconditional love, the same kind of love that GOD has displayed upon humanity, regards of all nasty, stupid and selfish decisions we make as humans, God has not stopped loving and forgiving us.

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“That you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” – Mathew 5:45 NIV

Lets Talk: Is Love a feeling or Choice?
Lets Talk: Is Love a feeling or Choice?

So the significance of this understanding is that we will have a family which is lovable, a marriage which is lovely and beautiful relationships so beautiful because we understand love, we understand the responsibilities behind love and how to respond to love.

Love is a medicine that heals, Love united and healed our great, great grandparents, Love is ageless, never stop nor cease, thank you and I love you.

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