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5 places men want to be touched but they won’t tell you

Written by Mjuba

The most important step towards making a man extremely active in the bedroom is making him relax. Thus before you jump into action in the bedroom, indulge in foreplay to increase his drive.

If you are expecting a man to tell you where he wants to be touched then you are going wrong because he won’t. It has been discovered that these are the 5 most common places that men want to be touched by their partners.

1. Face 
A man’s face is one of the most sensitive parts. Try and relax your partner’s mood by running your fingers gently over his face. Start from gently pressing his temple to relieve his pressure and then gently go down to his cheek and then lips. You will see a marked difference in his mood instantly.

2. The Neckline 
Neck region that holds thyroid gland is believed to get stimulated upon gentle caresses, which is responsible for body’s metabolism, including his s*xual drive. Start with with a light touch round his neck to the Adam’s apple with your hands in a circular motion. After a while, switch the action with your lips!

3. Ear Lobe 
The ear lobe is a zone that has numerous nerve endings, so every time you touch his ear lobe, he will go crazy. Use imaginative ways to entice his senses by using your tongue, teeth or simply play with your fingers.

4. Behind the knees 
The region behind his knees is very delicate and has many nerves to stimulate his senses. This sensitive volatile spot can be explored to drive him into pleasure villa. Scratch gently behind his knees to generate heat and ticklish sensations.

5. Hair 
Like any other part of his body, his hair is very important. Run your fingers through his hair, very gently and sensually. Play with his locks, moving your fingers up and down his neck and ears. This would definitely prepare him for everything you have on your mind.

“Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses” – Ann Landers.

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